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10 Best mothers day messages


Happy mothers day messages collection is specially made for you to show you love and respect to your mother’s through messages wishing them on mothers day.

mothers day messages

Mother’s day is to recall and show respect to motherhood and recognize the dedication and love showered on us by our mother’s. Mother is the special gift sent by God to us since he can’t be everywhere.Make your mother feel special by sending these “mothers day messages”. Pick out the best messages you like from our collection and send them to your mother and show your love and respect to her.Mother’s day falls on second Sunday of may and this year it is celebrated on May 8.

Here is the collection of happy mothers day messages.


When I came home in rain my brother and sister shouted at me saying “Can’t you wait till the rain stops and then reach home?”

My father said “You won’t realize till you catch cold.”

But my mother said drying my hair “Can’t this rain stop till my child returned home.Stupid rain!!”

This is my Mother.

I love you Mom forever.


M – MILLION things she gave me,
O – she is growing OLD,
T – TEARS she shed to save me,
H – HEART of purest gold,
E – EYES, with love-light shining,
R – she is always RIGHT and always be.


Merciful, thOughtful,Truthful,Happiness,blEssed,fRiend = MOTHER


I never feel sad.I never feel alone.I am not afraid of anything because I know you are always with me mom.You are my strength.


All the sweet moments and best moments of my life are only filled with you mom. You are the best in this world I could ever have.


Though I can never repay for your love and care I can’t miss to express my gratitude to you.Now it is my turn to take care of you.Happy mothers day to my special mom.


You are the best teacher who taught me how to lead life.Today whatever I am it is because of you. Love you mom.Wishing you a very special Happy mothers day.


Happy mothers day to my sweet mom.Lots of love and prayers from your children.


Wishing you a “Happy mothers day” is not just enough for the love and affection you showered on me. You have beared all my naughty actions I have done in childhood.Wish you a Happy mothers day my sweet mom.



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